Sea Secrets – cosmetic line for intensive skin moisturizing

The Sea Secrets series of the cosmetic products was created on the basis of the most effective marine products, containing the richest set of bioactive substances: marine collagen, seaweed and hyaluronic acid. Combined together with other active components it normalizes the metabolism of the skin, stimulates the processes of resurgence of cells, humidifies the skin, activates production of collagen and elastin and slows the processes of its senescence. Sea Secrets product line has light and fresh scent with the notes of sea water and water lily. 

Sea collagen (Atelocollagen) is a natural product. Sea collagen is polypeptide, containing proline and hydroxyproline at high concentration. Well transferred by a skin. By its composition sea collagen is similar to human collagen. It is an effective moisturizer. It is being distributed easily on a skin surface. Forms a tight membrane with the lifting effect of the skin. Visually smoothes the skin surfaces and reduces wrinkles. It improves skin complexion.

Sea algae imbibe all the wealth of sea water. Sea algae extract by its composition is similar to human plasma. Sea algae contain a broad spectrum of vitamins, organic iodine, proteins, polysaccharides, microelements, indispensable amino acids. Unique composition of the sea algae extract ensures complete nourishment of skin. Sea algae demonstrate strong anti-drying effect and wonderful abilities of retaining water; moreover, they quickly restore natural water balance of cells. By using immensely gentle sea algae extracting technology, all valuable properties of the extract are preserved.

Hyaluronic acid is an important structural element of our body’s tissues, it is also one of the most important substances that fill the intercellular space. In the course of ageing the amount of hyaluronic acid in the intecellular space decreases and the skin losses its natural ability to retain humidity, its physiological state deteriorates. As the result, the skin becomes dry, losses its elasticity and tone, it becomes loose and wrinkles appear. 

Hyaluronic acid used in our products is a natural biopolymer, natural polysaccharide that forms semi transparent coating on the skin capable to retain humidity well, tightens skin and smoothes out wrinkles and lines.