Cosmetic line SPA Premium – is the land of wonderful pleasure at your home! Pamper your body, give delight to your hair, indulge yourself! Let the rich composition of the unique and natural components be the source of your energy and beauty!

SPA Premium offers beauty products for home SPA procedure:
- Body care products;
- Hair care products.

All products are unique because along with the pleasant sensations and exciting scents they provide great cosmetic results! The series was developed on a base of natural raw materials with the latest knowledge and innovative technologies to restore the beauty of man and its effects on the senses - sight, smell, touch. At the base of all SPA Premium products is a rich palette of natural oils and plant extracts manufactured according to a special soft technology which makes possible to preserve the useful properties of plants to the maximum.
Products contains up to 99% of ingredients of natural origin ingredients!

SPA Premium products come in 3 sensual scents. Depending on your preference, choose the most exciting aroma and the fairyland of SPA Premium will open its arms to you!
SPA Premium Juicy Peach will give your skin and hair an exquisite fragrance which warmth will stay with you for a long time;
SPA Premium Pink Grapefruit is a fresh, exhilarating and slightly bitter scent which will leave behind all the anxiety and fatigue;
SPA Premium Mango and Blueberry has a sweet exotic scent and gentleness for the unhurried enjoyment.