Dzintars - Mascara Black

Mascara Black - Dzintars

Volume: 8ml
Code: 50175
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·      Contains beeswax, Carnauba wax and rice bran wax, as well as specially treated nylon to add more volume and length to your eyelashes

·        A complex of polymers creates a thin film on the eyelashes, holding them and enabling a more saturated and durable colour

·        Hydrolysed keratin improves eyelash growth and look

·        Panthenol (B5 pro-vitamin) strengthens your eyelashes and retains moisture, preventing loss and brittleness

·        The cocoa butter creates an excellent moisturising effect.

·        The special brush carefully applies the mascara, separating the lashes and preventing them from sticking.


The recipe of the mascara includes special filling agents, a complex of polymers and waxes that provide a simultaneous achievement of 3 effects: curls; lengthens; volumizes. Besides, it strengthens the lashes and prevents them from falling out.

Specially selected brush allows to reach the necessary result quickly, and repeated application of mascara is not needed.

  Several tips for use of the mascara:

·         When applying the mascara, the skin in the area of eyelids should not be greasy or moist. Eyelashes should also be dry; otherwise, the mascara will stick badly, crumble and smudge.

·         Take out and place the brush in a circular motion, as if to screwing it in a spiral. It will prevent the air of getting into the mass, and mascara will not dry before expiry date.

·         In order to achieve a luxuriant volume, take the brush along the lashes not in a straight direction but in a zig-zag motion.

·         In order to achieve the best results in lengthening and volume, you should let the mascara dry and apply it on lashes the second time.


Decorative cosmetics of DZINTARS series

Nowadays, the beauty no longer is exclusively an aesthetic category, and it is perceived through the lens of feelings, sensations and emotions. The modern people long for the state of inner peace, harmony of soul and body, mental and physical health, as well as satisfaction.

Taking into account the interest in a healthy lifestyle and desire to receive satisfaction from life, we have created a new series of Dzintars decorative cosmetics. 

The times when it was enough for the lipstick to have only a decorative effect have long gone. Now it has to be comfortable, light, cover up wrinkles, and eventually, care for the lips by protecting, hydrating and nourishing them. In addition to all above-mentioned properties, our lipstick has a rejuvenating effect, it fills the lips with moisture, smoothes out wrinkles and increases the volume of the lips. 

Decorative cosmetic products for lips contain the component Еderline S, with its unique activity, which has been extracted by a soft fermentation method from the apple seeds and possesses a very effective regenerating and moistening action. It has been clinically proven that Еderline S stimulates synthesis of collagen, improves firmness and elasticity of the skin, softens the relief of the skin, prevents appearance of wrinkles and inhibits the aging processes.

Lately, the leading position among the cosmetic additives with powerful stimulating effect, inhibiting the aging of skin and effectively reducing the depth of wrinkles is taken by peptides. The use of peptides lifts the make-up to a new level of quality and promotes real rejuvenation of skin. Therefore, we have used palmitoyl oligopeptide in our products of decorative cosmetics; this component is a peptide of natural origin (Gly-His-Lys), to which a chain of fatty acids (palmitoyl) has been attached. Use of peptide that is processed that way allows to increase its lipophilicity and to improve penetration through the skin. Palmitoyl oligopeptide stimulates synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycans, possesses a continuous moistening action and ability to visually smoothen the tiny wrinkles, thus making the skin more even. Action of palmitoyl oligopeptide has been scientifically proved.

Even and comfortable application of the lipstick on lips is ensured by a combination of oils and butters(macadamia, linseed, shea and cocoa).

Decorative cosmetics products for lips contain a complex of sun protection filters and a complex of vitamins that reduces the negative effect of the surrounding environment.