FUTURE FORMULA SOS - Anti-Hair Loss Balm

Anti-Hair Loss Balm - FUTURE FORMULA SOS

Volume: 16х5ml
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Intensively reduces hair loss, stimulates its growth, nourishes and strengthens hair roots (for women/ for men/ for all ages).
- Peptides prevent hair loss
- Plant stem cells and plant extract complex stimulate hair growth
- Arginine strengthens hair roots
- Transporters enable deep penetration of active ingredients
93% of natural ingredients


The effectiveness of this balm was proved in a 3-month clinical trial conducted under the supervision of a dermatologist-trichologist. The clinical tests involved 35 people (men and women) with complaints of hair loss.

After three months

- 70% of test participants reported considerable reduction in hair loss
- 79% of test participants reported improved hair growth and more elastic and stronger hair
- 52% of test participants reported that hair growth in the areas of thinning was restored

In the course of the trial it was found out that

- Hair shafts thickened by 26 % among women and by 34% among men*
- Hair roots thickened by 23 % among women and by 33% among men*

* proved by:
- Trichogram
- Measuring the diameter of the hair (roots, shafts)

Shiny, beautiful and thick hair is what makes us look good as well as is the result of good balance in the entire body.

Any failure in the body has an immediate effect on the state of our hair – it looks dull, becomes thinner, breaks, grows slower or even falls out.

On average, a person has from 100 to 150 thousand of hair follicles (roots) on the head. Within one month, healthy hair grows by approximately 15-20 mm. As a rule, we lose up to 80 hairs a day.

Causes of hair loss:

There may be different causes of hair loss, i.e. genetics, hormonal disorders, immune and nervous system diseases, gastrointestinal tract diseases, deficiency of protein, iron and zinc, fungal or parasitic infections as well as such external factors as frequent dyeing, discoloration, over-drying, environmental pollution, etc. Quite often, there are several reasons behind hair loss.

The appearance of hair strongly depends on the delivery of nutrients to hair roots. The lack of nutrients causes hair follicles to shrink as a result of which our hair stops growing. It is known that nearly 70% of men and 40% of women face hair loss problems.

Men usually go bald on top of their heads; slowing down of hair growth and hair loss is also observed at that time, while the hair of normal thickness remains on the back of the head.

Women usually suffer from thinning hair without decreased hair growth. More intensively, the hair falls out on top of the head, whereas complete hair loss is rarely observed.

No matter what causes hair loss, it is necessary to ensure that nutrients are effectively delivered to the hair follicle and due care is taken of the hair.

Anti-hair loss balm was developed on the basis of the complex of stem cells, peptides and amino acids accelerating metabolic processes in the skin as well as the complex of vitamins and medicinal plants improving blood circulation in the scalp. But most importantly, this unique product simultaneously nourishes hair roots and strengthens the hair, gives vigor and energy to it, stops hair loss and stimulates hair growth. The balm contains 93% of natural ingredients.

  • Apple stem cells contain metabolites (accelerators of metabolic processes) which actively prevent destruction of hair follicle and increase its lifespan.
  • The highly effective complex of biomimetic peptide Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3, extracts of red clover and hop intensively suppresses the activity of 5-alpha-reductase and slows down the production of testosterone which is one of the basic causes of hair loss. Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 and panthenol strengthen the hair, increase its diameter and accelerate its growth. 
  • Arginine improves hair growth by stimulating micro-circulation in the scalp, increases the number of hairs in the active phase of growth and makes them thicker and denser.
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin PP) and the extracts of ginseng, red hot pepper, ginger, and nettle improve blood flow to the scalp enhancing nourishment of the hair follicle and strengthening it.  
  • Australian tea tree oil and the chestnut extract reduce the formation of dandruff.

To facilitate the delivery of nutrients to hair follicles, we have applied our know-how, i.e. thoroughly selected transporters which ensure deeper penetration of active ingredients and increase the effectiveness of the balm.


Apply and lightly massage into clean scalp. It is recommended to put a plastic shower cap on and wrap with a towel for 30 minutes. Use for 1-3 months depending on the intensity of hair loss. If hair loss is intensive, apply the balm every day; if hair loss is moderate - every other day; for prevention use apply twice a week. 

Do not rinse out! Avoid contact with eyes!